Sunday, June 26, 2011

dragon pictures

                         This dragon doesn't have a name, it's more abstract.
                                         The dragon above is  Snowfire.
                           This one is Brsinger. Brsinger means fire in Eragon.
 It's a mommy dragon and her baby. The baby is called Eragon and the mom Stella.
                                This one is Violet and she is my FAVORITE.
And...lastly these two are my second favorite. They are a cute couple. The purple one is named Hope and the blue is River. OK, here are a lot of dragon pictures. These pictures are what made me name my blog The Dragons Den. Which one did you like best? My favorite is the purple one like I said. She is shaded in so beautiful, but I like all of them. I just like to name the dragons for fun. I hope you like the pictures. Please, leave a comment on with dragon you like the best. THANKS

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