Sunday, June 26, 2011

dragon pictures

                         This dragon doesn't have a name, it's more abstract.
                                         The dragon above is  Snowfire.
                           This one is Brsinger. Brsinger means fire in Eragon.
 It's a mommy dragon and her baby. The baby is called Eragon and the mom Stella.
                                This one is Violet and she is my FAVORITE.
And...lastly these two are my second favorite. They are a cute couple. The purple one is named Hope and the blue is River. OK, here are a lot of dragon pictures. These pictures are what made me name my blog The Dragons Den. Which one did you like best? My favorite is the purple one like I said. She is shaded in so beautiful, but I like all of them. I just like to name the dragons for fun. I hope you like the pictures. Please, leave a comment on with dragon you like the best. THANKS

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Nightmare Before Christmas Picture

This  picture turned out really good. I don't know if i will color it in or not. I hope you fans of  Jack Skellington like it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Plants Vs. Zombies

                                                           This is a Pea Shooter from the game....
                                             and this is one of the main zombies
Plant vs. Zombies is one of the best games on the ipod so that why I decided to draw a picture of one of the zombies and plants. If you of never heard of this game you are CRAZY ,but the whole game is about plants trying to protect your house so the zombies don't EAT YOUR BRAINS. I hope you like the picture if you are a fan . also this is a funny video at the end of the game it is so AWESOME. In the video it shows the Pea Shooter and zombies so you can see what they look like on the game.

Clay Dragon

Sometimes I do clay too, so here is a clay dragon that I made a while ago. These images show the front and back of the dragon. I'll be making other clay object to but this is all I have for now.

Flower Picture

I did this picture just a couple days ago, I really liked how this one turned out. Sometimes when I draw, the picture looks a  lot better then when I color them in. This time the picture looked a lot better colored in. That was a first. I guess it was because it was a flower. This flowers colors were very pretty. Good thing i had the right colors.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

About Me

Hi, I'm Jennica and I'm 12 years old. I just started posting on my blog so that's why there isn't much on here but after awhile there will be. I have one little brother and my mom has a blog that's called Wanna Be Creative and my dad works on his C-10 truck. On my blog I will be posting my art work, my clay sculptures, and I may put some of my camping trips on here too.